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Business Center

Business Center is the portal for you that is visible on PriceSpy and gives you as a shop or brand access to lots of services. All in order for you to get the most out of your presence at PriceSpy. Log in and discover the PriceSpy Business Center today!

New at PriceSpy?

If you have not registered your shop on PriceSpy, that's the first step. It's easy and quickly done. You will find our registration form here. You can read more about what it means and what the benefits are of being a featured shop on PriceSpy here.

Here is a selection of our services in the Business Center

At Business Center, we offer a number of different services. Everything from endless amounts of data to products that make your offer even better. Read more about our services below.

Product catalogue

The product catalogue gives you a good overview of the status of your products on PriceSpy and shows how you relate to your competitors.

User reports

It is also possible to see all the problems that our users have reported. Confirmed errors will then be hidden.


Now, as a retailer, you can manage and respond to reviews in the Business Center. You can choose to view all reviews, unanswered reviews, or answered reviews, and you can also filter them by rating. There is also an option to report a review.

Product feed

You can easily add or update your product feed on the Business Center. You also see clearly the status of the product feed and when it was last updated. Read more here.

Product Matching

It is now possible to link your offers to PriceSpy´s products manually. By searching by product name, you can send us suggestions for the connections you want to make. Read more here.

Shipping services

To make your offer even better and clearer for PriceSpy's users, it is possible to add your delivery services. Completely free of charge. Read more here.

Click & Cost

A cost overview with the number of clicks and cost per month for your shop. Filter by category and see the distribution of clicks and cost for products in the selected category. With our new graph, it's easy to see clicks and cost per day during the selected month. Read more here.

Statistics Report

Get an overview of how your shop compares to the competition and the market. For example, you can see your competitors' prices and where you end up in the results list. The statistics report is an extra service you can purchase. Read more here.

Inventory Analysis

The analysis tool displays, compares and retrieves price and rank data for your shop. Here you can compare your position with the store with the highest position for a product and see how much the price differs. Read more here.

Take control over your brand

Featured Brand 

Now it's even easier for you as a brand to label shop that are authorised resellers. In addition, you can get a shareable product page where only authorised resellers are visible.

This is not all! Within Featured brand, you will also have access to unique insights into how your brand performs on PriceSpy. All this is available today, so contact us and we will tell you more.

Authorised dealers

The authorised dealer function allows you as a brand to highlight the dealers you recommend. The selected dealers then receive a special badge in our product listing. Read more about the function here.

Tools for analyzing market data

We have added a number of new tools and functions to be able to analyze market data for your brand's presence on PriceSpy, divided into click shares for categories, stores and brands.

The assortment analysis allows you to explore categories where you have products, and during comparison you can compare market shares for two time periods. Read more here.

Partner Program

Do you run an affiliate? A blog where you write about your hobby or do you work with content aimed at consumers? With PriceSpy's Partner Program, you can earn money by letting your visitors use comparison services from PriceSpy. Contact our partner manager Mattias Holmberg and he will tell you more.

Advertise on PriceSpy

At PriceSpy you reach a strong target group that is close to the purchase decision. Do not miss the opportunity to advertise to an audience that is actually interested. Interested in knowing more?

Read more here about our advertising solutions.